Sunday, 14 September 2014

Discovery Days- Maori Technology

For 3 Fridays at the end of term 2, Rooms 5, 6 and 7 had Discovery Days. 
Tyler and Jacob
Joshua, Preston, Taylor

Dayton and Jayden

Sharing with team

Sharing Time
If we went to Room 6 we did koru art with Miss Farquhar. If we went to Room 7 we did flax weaving with Mrs Brooks. If we came to Room 5 we did rewena bread with Mrs Hauraki and Mrs Jackson. 
We were all mixed up into 3 groups with children from the other classes.This was good because then we got to make new friends within our groups.
We had lots of parents and family members come along and help us in each room. We really looked forward to sharing time just before morning tea each Friday.
Because the bread had to be left to ride and then cook, we had a bread feast each Friday afternoon. We put jam and margarine on our bread. Even some the teachers from the other classes came to have a look ( and followed the smell), and we let them have a taste.

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