Friday, 4 July 2014

Cloak Construction

As part of our Maori technology unit, we planned and made a cloak for Mr Snell and Mrs Gyde. We read lots of myths and legends about Maui and talked about the different objects they used for cooking, eating, clothing, weapons, utensils and houses compared to what we have in our homes today.
We all had our own ideas. We planned our computers one Friday when were in the computer room. We used paint to draw the cloak. we drew on our cloaks the things we thought Maui might have like feathers, flax, plaited ties, skins form animals.
We worked in two teams to create the cloaks. The boys worked to construct a cloak for Mr Snell and the girls worked together to make a cloak for Mrs Gyde.
We presented our pieces of work to both Mr Snell and Mrs Gyde one afternoon. They were impressed with how we had worked together to make the cloaks. If you go into Mr Snell or Mrs Gyde's offices, you will see them hanging.

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