Sunday, 6 April 2014

Stepping Out- A Road Safety Programme
We have had Constable Lynda Kendrick come and visit us this week.
We talked about traffic- what it was? Where we find it? 
We talked about crossing the road - different places that could be safe or dangerous.
We put on hi-vis vests, shoes and polar fleeces. We walked in pairs to our school corner and looked at the safe places for us to cross with our parents when we are leaving school. Mrs Jackson had to pretend to be a warden and tell us when it was safe to cross. As we crossed the road we kept checking both ways to check no traffic was coming.
When we were walking to Rawhiti Street, we had to check for sneaky driveways. This means that we had to check no cars were coming out or into the driveways as we walked past. We were lucky, all the driveways were safe.
There is a yellow sign on Stairs Street - with a picture on it. Have you seen the picture? Can you tell us what the sign is telling people driving vehicles? Are there any words on the sign?
At the pedestrian crossing, we learnt to look both ways and walk across the crossing quickly, still checking both ways for traffic as we crossed. With our partners, we had to decide where it was now safe to cross near the train tracks. We decided to wait back by the dark line, so we don't get pushed about by the wind the train makes.
The last practice for us today was the High Street pedestrian crossing. At the island in the middle we were allowed to wait and check that the traffic had stopped, so we could continue to cross.
By the end of the time with Constable Kendrick we were checking both ways, holding hands with our partner, walking quickly across the road and waiting if we saw traffic coming towards us before we used a pedestrian crossing! Wow we are going to be safe kids!!!! 
Constable Kendrick did remind us only to cross the road with an adult.

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